ALMA Observatory – Astronomical Observatory Chile

ALMA Observatory, Astronomical Observatory - Chile
Photography by: Hernán E. Calderón

ALMA Observatory Located in Chile. Plain of Chajnantor that means “Place of Beginning” or “The beginning” in Kunza language. This Astronomical Observatory will open a totally new “window” to the Universe.

Allowing scientists to unravel important astronomical mysteries of many years.

Probe the very first stars and galaxies, and directly capture exoplanets. Possibly discovering the first traces of life.

ALMA has 66 antennas. Fifty-four of 12 meters in diameter and twelve of 7 meters in diameter.

The radio telescope combines the signals from each one functioning as an interferometer.

With perfect parabolic shapes, of a precision equivalent to only a fraction of the thickness of human hair. It makes them one of the most accurate antennas in the world.

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