Reduce excess weight in one month !

Who loves extra weight ? Kidding ! well sadly no one does. Yes we are  born beautiful, every human being is beautiful in their own way. But over time we gain some extra weight that sometimes becomes frustrating.

Excess weight spoils the external beauty in us, as well as creates many diseases in the body, and once it becomes habit, it’s may hard to wear off.

Diet is essentially important to lose weight, you should have  a perfect diet chart, while doing your exercise.

So here it is, the special diet chart for weight loss. Continue this chart for one month, and you’ll notice the difference.

Once someone said, you’re what you eat !

Diet Chart

  1. After 10 minutes , take a bottle  of  water to reduce your body toxin .Breakfast  after  half  an  hour. (Alternate  breakfast on a daily basis. One day sandwiches, Cornflakes Make chocolate, meiunas, sandwiches without butter On the cucumber, tomato will give. Make a sandwich with brown bread. Do not eat more than one sandwich. Eat just the white part except the two egg yolks. The next day, in a small bowl, eat  two cup   milk with cornflakes without sugar.)
  2. Eat a whole apple or guava after two hours of breakfast.You  will also lunch after two hours.For lunch at 90 grams of rice, one fish, two types of vegetables, yogurt and one whole cucumber,and a whole fruit after two hours of lunch.
  3. After two hours, take a cup of liqueur tea without  Sugar and two biscuits.At the night 8 o’clock take your dinner . Then eat two breads, one bowl vegetables or soup and chicken. At the end, do not forget to eat a whole cucumber.

You can eat dark chocolate for two days a week. Do not eat junk food, cold drinks in this period.

Now Exercise time

It is necessary to do half an hour free hand exercises every morning. To follow the rules of  French Crunch, Side Crunch, Hip Exercise, Hand Exercise, Bread Exercise, Half an hour or two in the morning.

Not even you can’t  stop yourself  from being Slim.