Arches National Park – State of Utah

Arches National Park
Photography by: Wayne Pinkston

Arches National Park It is one of the more obscure and less visited arches. You have to take a dirt road for a couple of miles, or several kms, to get to the arch. The road alternates with rocky areas and deep sand, so a high clearance 4WD vehicle is required.

Arches National Park
Photography by: Wayne Pinkston

Story: It’s a fun spot off the beaten path. I had wanted to photograph this arch for several years, but was never there at the right time until recently. It’s always a great to visit at the Arches National Park.

The Arch is deeper than most, almost like a short tunnel. My first thought when hearing the name was “why would someone name an arch that”? At the time of this shoot Arches National Park weather was great. When you approach the arch from the path it really does look like a giant eye, and even photos from inside the arch look like you are viewing from inside a giant eye. Hope you enjoy!

Gear & Custom Settings:

This is a panorama of 6 vertical images taken with a Sigma 14mm f/1.8 lens at f 2.8, 30 sec, and ISO 12,800, with a Nikon d850 camera.


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