Lake Superior – Minnesota, USA

Lake Superior
Photography by : Jordan Watke

Lake Superior, Minnesota decided on a Friday burn & turn up to Minnesota’s North Shore for a night of astrophotography. We arrived at Split Rock State Park at the perfect time with just enough time to set up as the Milky Way was splitting Ellingson Island and the shore of Lake Superior.I couldn’t believe how strong the air-glow was. It was really something to see.

Lake Superior, Minnesota
Photography by : Jordan Watke

My computer screams every time I touch anything. After literal months of on and off editing, I’m finally happy with the result. This is a center crop, the final full image also has Mars off to the left. All in all it was an incredible experience. I plan on doing at least one stacked 50 pano for every night that I go out because of just how much detail it pulls.

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