Faster internet by 2020 source ISRO

High Speed Internet

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) chairman K Sivan recently told on a press conference. 4 new GSAT Satellite schedule to lunch will provide the county high speed internet connectivity over

100 Gbps (gigabits per second) by 2019. In June 2017 GSAT-19 already lunched. GSAT-29 is schedule to lunch by November and GSAT-20 will be launched by this year December.

K Sivan also added “all these satellites will provide high-speed connectivity in the country, especially in rural area, and Help Bridge the digital divide.”

Over rapidly growing online user internet speed is major Issues in some areas, especially in the countryside. India has the world’s second largest Internet users. But the connection speed needs to improve significantly to meets its users demand. According to a report by The Economic Times Currently India ranked 67th in the world for fixed broadband and 109th for mobile internet speed.

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