La Palma Island Spain -The telescope hill

La Palma

La Palma Island This is the last picture of the telescope series for this Milky Way season. The core season has indeed come to a close…until next spring. I took this simple untracked panorama shot on the beautiful island of La Palma last May. The three telescopes that you see here are part of IAC’s Isaac Newton group of telescopes, including the William Herschel, the Isaac Newton and the Jacobus Kapteyn.

La Palma
“The Telescope Hill” Photography by: Adrien Louis Mauduit

They’re all built right on the top of the caldera ridge. From there they dominate and overlook the whole La Palma Island, also benefiting from the highest altitude possible. The Milky Way and the colors were just impeccable that night. A small amount of air-glow gave an extra color boost to the shot while the pristine sky allowed me to capture the Milky Way in its full glory.

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