Windows 7 extended security updates until 2021


Windows 7 update will be continuing till 2023, according to recently published a blog by Microsoft. A few years back Microsoft released windows 10, people are satisfied with its performance. A significant amount of people nearly 40 percent of the world’s computer still runs on the 9-year-old system.

In fact, according to some reports, 70 percent of the ATMs in India runs on windows 7 till now. On the other hand, if you want to switch to the latest windows 10 it will cost you more.

But there is a catch, to meet the cost of continuing security update windows 7 users will have to pay an amount each time the system updates.


Those who decided not to pay extra money for receiving updates from Microsoft can also continue using windows 7, but that system will be vulnerable to malicious attacks and other issues.

Either way, if you can pay for a security update to continuing receiving updates or buy windows 10. Some people are suspecting that both ways Microsoft will make some extra bucks.